C’Thun and Ouro Hot Fixed!

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Ouro has been hotfixed so his Quake effects deal significantly less damage.

Blizzard also hotfixed the following changes to the C?thun encounter in Ahn?Qiraj:

  • Lowered the hit points of both Giant Claw Tentacles and Giant Eye Tentacles.
  • Decreased the damage caused by Ground Rupture, and made the effect resistable.
  • Significantly decreased the melee damage done by Giant Eye Tentacles.

In the 1.10.1 patch, Blizzard also changed the way that C?thun identifies who is in his stomach. The faction changing debuff that was previously applied will no longer appear, but C?thun?s tentacles should not spawn in the stomach, nor should a player in the stomach be the target of C?thun?s Eye Beam.

The combination of these changes should give players more time to damage C’thun instead of dealing with tentacles, and see fewer ?unavoidable, random? deaths occur due to Ground Rupture effects.

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