Confirmed: BlizzCon Beta Codes for Burning Crusade

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Drysc confirmed that the BlizzCon Beta Code offered back on October 28-30 is to enter the Burning Crusade Beta test.

Drysc: “Anyone who attended BlizzCon obtained a card with a key which can be redeemed for a unique pet, as well as a key which grants them access into the beta. I’m assuming most people wanted it for the pet and through their grunts and wiping the drool away from their mouths, overlooked the beta invitation.

It’s your entrance into the beta for Burning Crusade, I would recommend following the instructions and registering. The terms Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta are generally used (in software development) to determine specific late stages of development. Beta in most cases refers to the last ‘stage’ of pre-release development before a release candidate is born.

Meaning that card is your entrance to play the World of Warcraft expansion before most any one else. I would recommend following the instructions and registering.”

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