Breaking News: Fall of the Lich King Twitter Developer Chat on Jan 15

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The Senior Game Producer and the Lead Systems Designer Greg Street (Ghostcrawler) will be live on Twitter to answer questions from fans about the Patch 3.3: Fall of the Lich King content. If you have concerns, suggestions or wish to ask for sneak peeks into upcoming unlockable content including the Lich King fight itself — go ahead folks This is a good chance to interact with the developers and get your utmost wanted question answered.

If you aren’t able to be on Twitter at the day/time this Developer chat takes place, please feel free to post your question below in our comments section to forward your questions ourselves.

Blizzard Quote:
Following the response to our first Developer Chat on Twitter, we will be holding the next one on Friday, January 15, at 5:00 p.m. PST with World of Warcraft

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