Blizzplanet - World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Beta Key Contest

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UPDATE: Confirmed, Europe players can participate in the Contest.

Participate in the World of Warcraft?: Burning Crusade? Beta Key Contest held by Blizzplanet, courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. You must have a World of Warcraft US Server or Europe account as of October 8, 2006 and in good standing to participate. Learn the rules of the Contest.

NOTE: I am reading all the emails, and all the replies. I am starting to see a pattern on a few entries. The contest is for those who take the time to answer the questions correctly. I am even supplying links where to find the answers. So, please, don’t be lazy. I am taking the time to read all the emails. Spent just 4 hours doing so, and replying to some fans. If I notice someone is copy/pasting answers from a guild forum or else, I will have to disqualify the entries. I won’t say much. But I tagged seven entries repeating the same mistaken answer.  Which proves they don’t even read the question. Just copy/pasted the entire forum-post.

I use the yahoo mail search to find all the entries that repeated specific keywords to analyze them.  Don’t try to outsmart. Be fair like everyone else. =)

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