Blizzplanet Weekly Roundup

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This week roundup had various highlights on Blizzard Games news starting with the unexpected VUGames / Activision merger with Blizzard as its flagpole and jewel.  Two TV Commercials released this week on Spain and France, and two new World of Warcraft products to boot: the Dell XPS M1730 Wow Edition Notebook and the Figure Print statuette based on your Character’s Wow Armory data. Starcraft Q&A Batch 23 was released letting us know details of the Cinematics and the Ghost’s EMP ability. Blizzard listed as a GDC 2008 exhibitor and the Wow TCG Champion Press Release. Enjoy!

World of Warcraft: The Guilded Age Where in the World is Turalyon and Alleria?
2007 – IGN 100 Top Games Blizzard Entertainment @ GDC 2008 Feb 18-22
Activision Blizzard Publisher Merger Mike Morhaime Talks Activision Blizzard Merger
Willy Toledo – World of Warcraft TV Commercial Blizzard Aims Wow at Russia, Eastern Europe, and India
DELL XPS M1730 World of Warcraft Edition Notebook Unveiled World of Warcraft Figure Prints – Build Your Character Statue
Jean-Claude Van Damme Wow TV Commercial WoW Free Character Moves
Starcraft II Q&A – Batch 23 World of Warcraft# 2 Comic Book Sneak Peek
Boy Survives Moose Attack Thanks To World Of Warcraft Christie Golden @ Barnes & Noble – Dec 7-13
Fan-Made WoW TV Commercial Parody World of Warcraft Arena Invitational
Jean-Claude Van Damme – World of Warcraft TV Commercial Art of World of Warcraft @ The Art Institute of California
World of Warcraft Trading Card Game World Champion
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