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Through the day, I have been updating many pages including interviews, and added all Warcraft books excerpts and book cover images with its own section. The excerpts now link to the interviews. Check them out:


Frozen Throne

Additionally, now that I have a forced leave from World of Warcraft due to my PC dying out two weeks ago, until I repair it, I will have some extra time to update other areas.  I will start working on the Orc Campaign of Frozen Throne.  The Human, Undead and Night Elf Campaigns of Frozen Throne are already available here

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

Soon as I am done with Frozen Throne, I will pick up on Reign of Chaos’ Campaign missions.  I will get all the text spoken by Hero NPCs in-game and from the cut-scenes as a source of Warcraft lore.


Finally, thanks to StarcraftFreak from WC3Campaigns, I will be able to add some juicy lore of Diablo.  He provided me with a lot of material I have never seen.  It is from the Game manual of Diablo 1.  Along with some artwork.  I have been playing Diablo II and Lord of Destructions last few days. I have collected data already from the RPG texts in-game to add them to Blizzplanet’s database.  This will actually be our very first content on Diablo. I got so far Act 3-5.  I will play again to get the Act 1-2.

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