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I will try my best to report news responsibly without too much of my opinion or humor reflected in them. If I offer an opinion, it will be posted in the comments beneath to keep news reporting as clean as possible.

After some self-review, I have to acknowledge I haven’t been respectful, among other flaws. Fans may provide feedback by email (through the submit news link at the right menu) to complain or to point out if there’s anything I reported that should have been done in a better tone.

I think I need to humble down to admit I am wrong. I haven’t been approached by IncGamers editorial, The Escapist, nor by Blizzard directly. I simply felt I should express this in public to reach the fans and other people who I know visit Blizzplanet.

I don’t think I posted it in this fansite, but I posted a piece of news at and Starcraft: IncGamers — it was titled to Rival Steam.

I reported The Escapist interviewed Rob Pardo about the possibility or at least the thought that could be licensed to third-parties. However, I added a personal opinion in that post. Actually, more a joke and a parody than my personal opinion as that’s not how I think. I was parodying what some trolls say in the official forums and in other community forums about Activision or Bob Kotick.

The thing is that not everyone knows when I am humorous in written form — I am shy in real life, but I joke often. Don’t ask, I’m that weird. Bottomline, my sincere apologies to Bob Kotick, to Blizzard and to the fans.

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