Blizzplanet News Roundup

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Blizzard-related news have been pouring down lately on the Blizzplanet headlines.  Sadly, only 10 news at a time show up in the front page. I have compiled the latest 56 news headlines in the past 10 days. Check them out:


MTV – Exclusive World of Warcraft# 0 Preview Holy Defias Conspiracy … Varian !
Guild Progression Slow? Don’t Give Up Yet Akama & Seer Olum – Secret Compromised
Blizzplanet Server Move Completed Starcraft II – Batch 21
World of Warcraft: The Comic Book # 1 On Sale Patch 2.3 Released – The Gods of Zul’Aman
Shaman Tier 6 Bug – Alert !!! MYM – Starcraft 2: Ghost Overview
World of Warcraft # 1 Review Warcraft: Blood Elf vs. Draenei Diorama Podcast
Next-Gen MMO is not World of Warcraft 2 Warcry – Tigole on Wrath of the Lich King
Report Ads – Help keep it clean Wow Story Arcs Update
Blizzard Jobs – November Starcraft: The Board Game Errata FAQ
IGN – Walter Simonson Interview Zul’Aman Videos and Strategies Wanted
Wow The Comic Pre-Order Issues Warcraft Weekly – 11/19/07
Starcraft 2 – Firebat Tier 2 Blizzcon Attendees Alert
Starcraft 2 – Zerg Race Not Ready Starcraft: Ghost On PC ?
World of Warcraft # 4 – February Solicitations WoW Patch 2.3.0 Known Issues
Hunter Pet Bug on Patch 2.3 Blizzard Jobs Update – 11-19-07
Mr. T and Shatner – Wow Commercials StarCraft II Q&A – Batch 22: Map Maker Series
Hunch in Progress The Making of Blood Elf vs. Draenei Diorama Podcast
Wow Comic Book Pre-Orders Follow Up Dell / Blizzard XPS Gaming Line Marketing
Starcraft 2 – The Story So Far Patch 2.3.2 On PTR Servers
Blizzard Jobs – Quest Designer Wanted World of Warcraft 3rd Anniversary
Wow 3-Year Anniversary Prizes Guild Bank Exploit
WoW Comic Book – Jim Lee Video Starcraft: The Dark Templar, Shadow Hunters On Sale
Starcraft 2 – Graphical Changes Possible Jonathan Blow Talks Wow Addiction
Colored Blood Elf vs. Draenei Diorama Prototype PTR Testing Request: Global Cool Down
WCRadio 3-Year Anniversary World of Warcraft Helps Teens Education
WoW Comic Books Subscribers Call Paul W.S. Anderson Plays WoW
NBC and Blizzard Talk: Mr. T and Shatner TV Commercials Sideshow Giveaway Trivia Contest
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