Blizzplanet Interviews The Explicits Band

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Personally I am not into metal or any of the kind of music that would make my neighbors wish to beat me up with a bat. Well, except for My Sacrifice (Creed). This story was of interest to me after reading a press release announcing the upcoming launch of an Album CD produced by a punk/metal band.

The curious thing is the founder of the band is a woman age 20, a World of Warcraft player. I asked her a few questions about her band and her view of World of Warcraft. What does it take to fulfill your dreams, go to college and have time for a social life and to play World of Warcraft? All in a nutshell.

Read our short interview with Renee Phoenix from The Explicits. Be warned, their song “Suffocate” will play in the background once. Lyrics at the bottom of the interview.

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