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Blizzplanet has been reporting news about all Blizzard games since 2003. I have also posted previews and reviews about upcoming Blizzard Licensed Products. Interviewed book writers and game developers. Attended a few conventions in search of the news to share with fans. So far I have posted over 7000 pages in those 10 years. I’m that passionate about Blizzard and about informing fellow fans.

Now with Warlords of Draenor, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch in the horizon, there is more news reporting to share with fans from around the globe.

Contributors are the driving force of a fansite, because each of us are loyal fans of Blizzard’s video games. Many of you have visited Blizzplanet for years. Some have messaged me to tip about a breaking news. It is that type of passionate fan what Blizzplanet needs. I’m looking for contributors to help with the news blogs. Contact me to join us at:

Email: medievaldragon@ | blizzplanet. | com

Subject: Blizzplanet Contributor

Please, choose which blog to be a contributor writer for and mention it in the email message:

Requirements: Must be able to post news or an article at least twice a week, and be active.

Extras: Are you into eSports, video editing, gameplay videos, podcasting, Web development, machinima, LUA/API addon coding? Please inform me in your message.

Other languages: A few months ago, I launched a Blizzplanet Latino America (Spanish) and Blizzplanet Brasil (Portuguese). If you don’t feel comfortable writing in english, then your primary language is welcome.

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