Blizzcon 2008 Preview

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On to a different topic, a fan (Ivenoml @ Hellscream) took some images from our Faces of Blizzcon page and uploaded them to JibJab, the popular jokes flash video site. To make the story short, it has spread throughout the Blizzard Offices making the Developers have a healthy laugh.  The following forum thread had one of those rare convention of CM postings.

Eyonix: “Haha, these were great! I’m just concerned about me having departed. Do you know something that I don’t?” 🙁

Skillshock @ Norgannon: “donald trump will be there to talk to you, you know what that means!” xD

Eyonix: “That I move on the next round…?”

Ivenoml @ Hellscream: oh i couldn’t remember who stepped down as a CM, obviously my memory blows :p
glad that you enjoyed it, i had fun making em ~_^

Eyonix: “I’m not the only one—these are quickly being passed around all over the company. smile
Awesome job, my only feedback was that I wasn’t in all of them!!!” raspberry

Drysc: Too good.

Evasanzo @ Firetree: “I bet people in the office are scared of you now.” :O

Eyonix: “Now?”

Nethaera: “I don’t disco.  🙁
I laughed though.”

Watch the Videos:
Drysc & Nethaera working the community
The truth behind Eyonix departure.
Roll a warlock if you wanna pvp

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