Blizzcon 2008: Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier Interview

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ElkY is spotlighted this week with two articles. One from PokerNews and a video interview about his experience at Blizzcon 2008 playing Starcraft II.

Starcraft player phenomenon known as ElkY has been featured on today’s PokerNews Profile. Elky was sighted at this year’s APPT Macau disguised as the Dark Knight film’s Joker. Elky used his aggressive Starcraft skills to conquer the elite Poker gaming circuits in Europe, the Caribbean and Las Vegas. This year he won an European Poker Tour title.

While chatting online with Grospellier, one of his friends from the gaming world told him about PokerStars and his experiences playing poker online. ElkY’s interest was piqued and he made a deposit, starting out at the $1-2 no-limit hold’em tables. He almost immediately lost all his money, as he didn’t have a very clear concept of the game yet. Grospellier began studying in earnest and realized he could apply a good deal of his skills from StarCraft to poker

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