BlizzCast Episode 1 - Contest Winners Announced

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The winners have been selected from the many thousands of thoughtful feedback emails we have gotten from the first episode of BlizzCast. Due to popular demand from the community’s feedback, we are also pleased to announce that our second BlizzCast episode will be more than twice as long as the first! Congratulations to the winners below in winning a set of G51 Logitech 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers and a StarCraft II hat.

Andrew from Minnesota
Anri on Lightning’s Blade
Steven from New Jersey
Ron from New York
Patrick from Washington
Gimil on Bonechewer
Erendrake on Tichondrius
Carey S. from Georgia
Codi from California
Duntoro on Feathermoon

The official rules of the Sweepstakes can be found were linked to from the Official BlizzCast page here: and it includes the people who may participate in the event.

You can contact your local legislature regarding the legal aspect of participating in contests held in other countries.

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