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SCLegacy is on a mission to renew and revitalize the Starcraft spirit aggressively with news and interviews.  Today, SCLegacy got word that a Blizzard Representative acknowledged Penguin Plug to be allowed on This marks an EULA/TOS precedent concerning the use of third-party software.  SCLegacy recommends all Starcraft players to download Penguin Plug ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY from and soon to be available from WGTour website as their official launcher to play in first fan-based Ladder in the Europe gateway.

Now that you heard a litle of the history, plus a Blizzard’s rep answer, you know it is as far as we know officially tolerated, if not allowed by Blizzard. And now you know the rest of the story…

Read the long article by SCLegacy and leave your comment.

DatH an official Blizzard Poster (staff) answered:

“It looks like Penguin Plug is allowed. It looks like it is just allowed due to ladder and for no other reason. I don’t have more information on it yet, but when I do I’ll post more stuff. Right now I’m basing this off of pre-1.14 bug findings within QA”

Ashur: “PPlug is used by the biggest ladders to stop cheating. Yes, its a hack, but it saying that you have no c-h-e-a-t running on your machine. So the “hackers” on the evil site are actually cheaters. Their primary job is to make c-h-e-a-t-s. So if you want to be 100% secure, don’t use the hacks, because you currently violates the terms. When the WGTour launcher will appear, you will know what?s legal and illegal. But I hope you now know the difference between c-h-e-a-t, and anti-hack.”

Special thanks to Entropy aka physician and LordofAscension for the heads up!

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