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Blackthorne – Mines of Androth – Level 3

1. On the third level, climb down the pit next to the entrance. There is a HEAL POTION.

2. The second prisoner says: “If I could steal a LEVITATOR.” This is a queue. Look at the top-left of the room. There is a doorway only accessible with a LEVITATOR.

3. The next room has a red Grag’ohr. Hold down the UP arrow button to dodge his hover bomb and incoming gunshots. Loot his BRIDGE KEY. Jump the elevator shaft, but don’t climb down. It is a long fall. The next room has a prisoner and a keyhole to activate the bridge. The prisoner hints what to do: “I’m looking for the elevator call switch.” Don’t enable the bridge yet. Stand on the far edge of the room, hold down “D” to run and jump across the pit. Climb down. There is a HEAL POTION visible in the pit when you climb down. Climb up, stand on the leftmost edge, hold down “D” and jump across. Use the BRIDGE KEY to enable the bridge. In the middle of the waterfall you might see the silhouette of a doorway. Press the UP arrow to enter the hidden room.

4. In the hidden room, talk to the prisoner. He will give you a HEAL POTION: “Free at last! Take this potion, brother.” The bag on the ground contains a HOVER BOMB. Stand on the switch. Press the UP arrow to activate the switch. Remember the elevator shaft? The elevator is now up. Before you leave the bridge area, press the UP arrow on the keyhole next to the bridge to pick up the BRIDGE KEY. You’ll need the key later. Head east toward the ELEVATOR.

5. The ELEVATOR will stop on the second floor. However, press the DOWN arrow button to move the elevator to the third floor down. Head west. The prisoner there says: “Save yourself while there is still time.” There is a green Grag’ohr in that room. Hold down the UP arrow button to dodge his bullets. Wait until he reloads or time it to shoot on his third bullet right before he begins to reload. Loot his HOVER BOMB.

6. In the next room, there is another prisoner: “Bridge Keys can be reused in any bridge.” The next room has a switch plate on the floor. Don’t step on it. You can press the SPACE BAR to jump over it. The Switch Plate enables a turret gun that will shoot Kyle. Climb up the stairs to the second floor.

7. Next room has two green Grag’ohr. You will loot a HOVER BOMB and a HEAL POTION from them. If the prisoner dies, don’t worry. He says: “Someday our people will be safe.” Climb up the stair.

8. This room has a purple Grag’ohr all the way in the upper floor. There is a blue Whar’ork with a whip too. Don’t climb up at all. Don’t waste bombs on it either. It doesn’t drop any loot. The prisoner says: “If only I could escape.” Simply walk west all the way until you reach a wall. Press the PAGE UP button to browse your inventory. Select a HOVER BOMB. Now climb up and hold down the UP arrow button to dodge his whip. Time releasing the UP arrow button and press “E” to throw the HOVER BOMB at the Whar’ork right after his whip goes off. It dies in one hit. Loot a HOVER BOMB from him.

9. On the upper level to the left is a prisoner who says: “Guns are heavily armored but can be destroyed.”

10. The next room has the purple Grag’ohr you saw earlier on the upper floor. You will loot two REMOTE WASP from him. You can either walk back from where you came, or use one of the REMOTE WASP to take out the Whar’ork. Return all the way back to the ELEVATOR. Don’t go up with the ELEVATOR. Move east instead. However, press the UP arrow button immediately after you go past the elevator.

11. There is a blue Whar’ork right in front of you. Dodge his whip ASAP. While you keep the UP ARROW button pressed, use the PAGE UP button to browse your inventory. Select the HOVER BOMB. Time it so that you release the UP ARROW button as he cracks his whip so that you are able to throw the HOVER BOMB at him. The prisoner here says: “If only I could get by the laser fields.”

12. The other prisoner says: “Someday our people will be free.” Press the PAGE UP button to browse your inventory. Pick the REMOTE WASP. Press “E”. You will see the REMOTE WASP hovering in front of Kyle. Use the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT ARROW keys to move the REMOTE WASP. You must aim it to go up the narrow shaft on the ceiling and hover it over the GENERATOR. Press “E” to detonate the REMOTE WASP. This generator was powering the LASER FIELD on the second floor. Head back toward the elevator, and go to the next floor up.

13. Press the UP ARROW button right after you go past the elevator room. There are two red Grag’ohr with guns. Chances are the prisoner will die. Don’t worry, he says: “Curse Sarlac!”. I’d say the same if two Grag’ohr shoot him when Kyle dodges the bullets and hit him instead. Oops! Let the one in front shoot first, then when the second one behind reloads his gun, shoot once. So on until both die. Loot the HOVER BOMB from one of them. The next room has a pit so don’t run or rush to the next room. Use the BRIDGE KEY by standing on the keyhole and pressing the UP ARROW button. The bridge will extend. Don’t bother exploring/climbing down the pit — Kyle falls to his death. At the end of the room is a metal door. Use a HOVER BOMB to destroy it. The next room has another large pit. Nothing in there. Just stand on the left side of the screen. Press the D button to run and the SPACE BAR to jump across the pit. Enter the doorway.

14. This hidden room has a vital item. The prisoner says: “Free from the duties of this storeroom. Thank you, friend. This items will aid in your quest. Please take them.” Kyle responds: “I wil use them wisely.” Loot the bags which contain two HOVER BOMBS. Loot the LEVITATOR by standing on it and pressing the DOWN ARROW button, then again until it appears in your inventory. It is a triangle device icon. Walk back all the way to the elevator. When you go past the BRIDGE, please — don’t forget to stand on the keyhole and press the UP ARROW button to loot back the BRIDGE KEY. Once on the elevator, press the UP ARROW button to go to the upper level. Head east until you reach the room with a doorway in a higher ground. Use the LEVITATOR to hover high enough to climb up into that higher ground. Enter the doorway.

15. The hidden room has a keyhole to activate the bridge. Walk across the bridge, and go down the ladder. Talk to the prisoner to obtain a HEAL POTION. The prisoner with red pants says: “Galadril waits for you in the upper catacombs. Take this potion to aid you. Kyle responds: “Thank you, friend.” Keep climbing down the wall and go down the ladder. Use a HOVER BOMB to destroy the metal door.

16. The next room has a red Grag’ohr. No loot here. Throw another HOVER BOMB at the next metal door. Press the UP ARROW button to dodge the Whar’ork’s whip. Time to release the UP ARROW button when he throws the whip. In the time he is reloading the whip, throw the HOVER BOMB at him. Enter the doorway. The next hidden room only shows an elevator shaft. Step on the elevator and press the UP ARROW button. That’s the exit.

Walkthrough Map

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