Battleground Deserter Debuff Changes

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Blizzard is changing the way Deserter debuff works and needs you to bug test.  Feedback will be welcome at the following Thread

Hortus: “Hi everyone,

There have been changes made to how the Deserter Debuff is applied, and we would like to get feedback/bug reports from the test realm players.

The new changes should prevent players from being debuffed inappropriately.

You should receive the deserter debuff anytime you leave a battleground instance prematurely.

That means:

  • If you /afk out, or if auto-afk is turned on.
  • If you leave through the battleground portal.
  • If you hearth or otherwise teleport out.

We’re specifically looking for bugs that involve the deserter debuff. If you find conditions that you should get the debuff and don’t, or if you find conditions where you should not get the debuff and do please report them. If you can find any sort of exploits or bypasses of the new system please post them here as well.

Thank you all ahead of time for your help, this will probably be the first of several focused testing tasks we will do for 1.11”.

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