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Written by raevyn on . Posted in World of Warcraft News

Hybridpunk: Hello, I am Raevyn, some people know me as Hybridpunk. I would like to welcome you back to Blizzplanet. After the recent downtime, I volunteered my services to assist MD in bringing his site up as quickly as possible. I have made my best attempt to bring the site back to 100%, but unfortunately, in the move, some images were lost and some links may have been broken. If you come across any broken links, or if something doesn’t work as it should, please email me at raevyn [at] and I will attempt to fix it. If you wish to visit my website, you may do so at

Thank you MD, it has been an honor to work alongside you.

Medievaldragon: Many thanks, Hybridpunk. I really wish everyone to know that when I was down, this guy offered his customer service at no cost to help me get Blizzplanet back online.

I likely lost track and might not be as accurate as he deserves. Each of the past three or four days, Hybridpunk has spent approximately 14-16 hours per day with domain name, web hosting, FTP and database matters.

He’s your one man team: Customer Service, Web Development, PHP, Linux installation, Apache, Cpanel, Custom Scripts, MySQL, Home/Office Networking, and even PC Repairs. If you need someone like him in your company in a temporary or permanent capacity, please, contact him. He needs the job.


The Blizzplanet Facebook was not part of my account. Fans who wish to follow Blizzplanet’s new facebook go here.

The Blizzplanet Twitter is lost to me. For now you can follow my personal twitter at @blizzplanetcom