All Blizzard Sites and WWI Site Down Mysteriously

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9pm EST: Websites are back.  Nothing particular or different on them. The still points to nowhere. Watch will continue. T-minus 7 days to WWI.

6pm EST: Many strange things have been happening in the past months and weeks.  Many Diablo3 domain names have been acquired in the past 15 months, culminating on May 1 with the official US domain name:

Diablo 2 patch, no-cd and ladder reset on June 17th.

Yesterday, June 18th, no longer redirected to—  registrar search engines started displaying Blizzard Entertainment as registrar/owner of the domain name. The domain name points now to limbo (blank page).  Fans await where this domain will be redirecting at.

Today, June 19th, all or most Blizzard International websites have gone into Maintenance, including the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals website, displaying the same image. Strange for the Europe Web Team to be doing maintenance around 2am (France Time). It has been typical behavior in previous years to see a countdown or game announcement or teasers prior to an event.  It might be nothing, but keep an eye on Blizzard websites in upcoming days as the Invitationals’ date approaches: June 28-29.

Discuss this new Diablo 3 Watch with other Diablo fans. Thanks,explorer.

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