Aaron Rosenberg to write New Starcraft book

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Starcraft: Queen of Blades
Starcraft: Queen of Blades

If you enjoyed the recent Starcraft: Queen of Blades pocketbook, you will be thrilled to know that Aaron Rosenberg confirmed a continuation to the epic story.  Starcraft: Queen of Blades starts off six weeks after Sarah Kerrigan was abandoned by Mengsk on Tarsonis.  Jim Raynor has resigned already and stolen the Hyperion Battlecruiser.

The book ends after Aldaris and Artanis arrive to planet Char to arrest Tassadar, and Tassadar requesting Artanis to help find Zeratul to bring him to Aiur, for the Zerg had warp-traveled toward the Protoss homeworld.  You will find yourself immersed in the book, witnessing what happened behind the scenes of the Starcraft game.  As the story progresses you will identify moments and exact copies of dialogues happened in each campaign mission. Yet will find out new things that were not obviously expressed in the game. Without giving away or spoiling it, keep and eye on Jim Raynor and Zeratul specifically.

If you haven’t read Starcraft: Queen of Blades yet, this is the time to do so. I just finished a few days ago, and really want to read more.  My wish seems to have been granted.

Blizzplanet: “I remember on our previous interview that you wished to write more Starcraft books, and that you were in negotiation with Blizzard.  It’s been many months now. Any updates?”

Aaron Rosenberg: “I have been contracted to write both the next StarCraft book and a WarCraft book. I’m psyched.”

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Aaron Rosenberg is very open to discuss the details soon. So read the Queen of Blades, and gear up to a round of questions in a few months. Once the book is officially announced by 2007, we will surely welcome him on a public Q&A for criticism of the book and for insight on the upcoming sequel.

Keep an eye on us by November for a Q&A with Christie Golden who is writing a Starcraft Trilogy pocketbook as well.

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