1UP Video - Wow Creators Addicted to Achievements

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1UP released a video interview with Rob Pardo, Tom Chilton, Shane Dabiri and Jeff “Tigole” Kaplan.  They visited Blizzard’s offices in Irvine, California.  The Developers talk about their work in Onyxia, Molten Core, Naxxramas, Karazhan.  Some basic Everquest 101 principles and components the developers enhanced in World of Warcraft when it comes to dungeons, raiding and hardcore guilds.

During the interview you can see footage of these various dungeon battles. The video requires the latest flash player 9,0,45,0.  The video is 19:03 minutes.  I recommend you to watch the video to meet the developers upclose and what they think of their achievements in World of Warcraft.

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